Beyond Industries

Innovations and market developments are increasingly crossing traditional industry borders. Our expertise is mainly focused on the following cross-industry domains:

Connected Mobility

transportation, automotive, air traffic, car insurance, cities and regions)


Integrated Health

health services, medical industry and health insurance



People Services

assistance services, commercial and social services



Professional Services

internal and external consultancies, agencies, audit organizations, firms, …


We combine methods

Our »multimodal« set of methods comes from organizational change management, service design and digital technology. We combine these techniques and adapt them to the needs of our clients and their people, as well as the innovations and cross-industry market developments that they face.


The module ”Understanding“ generates a common and holistic understanding of the challenges and the intended change effect. What is the reason for the project, which is the (economic) reason? Which customer expectations, innovations and market changes are relevant? Is it a tactical or strategic change? What are the clarification needs at the beginning of the transformation.


In the module ”framing“, the conditions and guidelines for the transformation are set and thus the ”playing field“ is staked out. Key facts are clarified in advance so that there is no discussion about it during idea generation and solution design.

Business Design

With its interdisciplinary idea generation and its holistic solution finding, the module ”Business Design“ is a major success element. Based on innovative methods, all dimensions of change are considered and transferred into a good common solution.

Business Transformation

The parallel and interlinked implementation of all change dimensions takes place in the module ”Business Transformation“. Single dimensions of change approaches often do not lead to success. Therefore, both the dimensions of organization, controlling, services, culture and space are considered.



Startups & Shared Ventures

We are actively working together with various startups, coach founders and teams and have founded startups ourselves. We can bridge the worlds of corporates and startups because we know both worlds from personal experience. Whether it comes to a startup or transformations in corporates, if we are convinced of the topic and the people involved, we work for equity or shared risk models.


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