We are Transformation Experts.

We make Innovations purpose-driven, bring about digital Transformation and create cross-industry Business Ecosystems.



We are Transformation Experts


We give purpose to change.

Through a shared purpose, we make innovation processes and digital transformations effective. We do this in partnership with corporations, SMEs and start-ups, also cross-industry. We contribute our proven methods and interdisciplinary creative formats, develop innovation organizations and create business ecosystems. More ...




We generate impact together.

We work in partnership with organizations of various sizes and industries, from global corporations to leading start-up communities. Our clients have a serious will to change. Previous projects have included mobility/automotive, production/logistics, food and sustainability.  More ...





We are experienced management practicioners.

We are seasoned practitioners with many years of experience and interdisciplinary skills. We know business leadership roles from our own experience, but we also have credibly and networks in the creative and digital scene. Each of us shows his passion for innovation and change in publications and societal engagement. More ...




We are a network.

We are a network of transformation experts. Similar to an "architectural firm", we construct change processes and guide their implementation. We work interdisciplinary with different "crafts“ or disciplines, with people from the organisations involved, but also with start-ups, external specialists, agencies and locations. More ...



March 20, 2020

The Five Success Factors of Virtual Business Events & Virtual Programs

In times like these, it is more important than ever to keep things up and running in the right way — for your company, for the economy and as an encouraging sign for society overall. This article is about the five success factors of virtual business events & virtual programs. The success factors are derived from multi-year experience and illustrated by a recent example case: the 100% virtual kick-off summit of a large international business ecosystem program. That program is operated by BOND INTERNATIONAL, a collaboration of betahaus X, N+P Design and SPINPARTNERS. Read the whole article here.



OCTOBER 16, 2019

Business Ecosystem for Automotive Production

SIEMENS and Mindsphere World have started an open innovation process for "Fast Ramp-Up" with the support of SPINPARTNERS GmbH. The goals: Instead of weeks or months, the ramp-up and conversion of automotive production facilities should only take days. The results were recently presented (Article).


May 30, 2017

Book "Transformation of Automotive Companies"

Experts Jan Brecke, Prof. Dr. Dieter Nazareth, Daniel Niederberger and Helmut Ramsauer have published the book "Transformation of Automotive Companies" (German). It is available as a pocket book or eBook under ISBN 978-3-744-80102-7 in bookshops or online.


May 10, 2017

Food & Mobility Summit in Berlin

Leading design agency N + P Industrial Design and Business Transformation Experts SPINPARTNERS have held the Food&Mobility Summit creative workshop on May, 10, in Berlin, part of the global CUBE Tech Fair. Participants came from corporates, SMEs and start-ups, from industries like food, transportation, automotive, trade, gastronomy, equipment. In a creative workshop, they discussed holistic novel approaches to the topic of dining in transit. Moderators from SPINPARTNERS were Benno Löwenberg und Helmut Ramsauer.


April 27, 2017

Food & Mobility

Christiane Bausback from design agency N+P Industrial Design and Helmut Ramsauer from business transformation experts SPINPARTNERS joined BMW innovationswerks’ PASTA SERIES event. The Pasta Series is an informal lunch session to encourage knowledge sharing and fostering collaboration with human centered innovation projects. Based on the holistic concept of Food & Mobility as-a-Service, an interdisciplinary group discussed adoptions like the “Automotive Dining Room”.


March 11, 2017

Visionary concept ”Food & Mobility as-a-Service“

Leading design agency N + P Industrial Design and Business Transformation Experts SPINPARTNERS published the holistic concept "Food & Mobility as-a-Service". It shows innovative design and business solutions and opportunities for dining on the way. The holistic concept study "AVA" (always vital available) was developed in dialogue with global brands and start-ups from the food, transport, automotive, retail and home appliance sectors. Further information is available here.




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